2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Rick Winsman

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Chamber executive; small business owner; business consultant/advocate.  Helped enact legislation giving more local control to the use of Lodging Tax funds.  Helped establish a Public Facilities District for the City of Longview's Columbia Theater.

Education: Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa; University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Community Service:
Two term city Planning Commission Chairman, College of the Canyons and Lower Columbia College Foundations board, Co-chair Longview School District Citizens Advisory Panel, United Way of Cowlitz County board, Goodwill Industries, Inc. operating board, Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council board, KLTV Community Television board president.  Currently on the Cowlitz County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.

Statement: I know and love our community. For the past six years, I served as President of the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce, where I observed firsthand the challenges facing many of our friends and neighbors. Times are still tough. Honest and decent people are struggling to find work. We must change course, but Olympia is blocking the way with misplaced priorities, higher taxes and runaway spending.

I'm running for State Senate to create jobs and make government more responsible with our tax dollars. During these tough times, state government must learn to live within its means by saving more and spending less. As a former small business owner, I know how higher taxes and reckless spending cost us jobs. The incumbent voted for the largest tax increase in state history, costing families an additional $1,200 per year.

As a father of two, I know we must improve our schools today to prepare our children for the jobs of the future. We need stronger accountability and smaller class sizes. The incumbent voted to increase class sizes.

The only way to change Olympia is to change the people we elect to represent us.  It would be my honor to work for you!

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