2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Karen Porterfield

Elected Experience: This is Karen’s first campaign for public office.

Other Professional Experience: Karen Porterfield represents a new generation of leadership. Born, raised, educated and employed here in the State of Washington Karen's roots are firmly planted here. Karen is committed to building communities across the Northwest with non-profit organizations to build food banks, day care centers, senior housing and other vital services.

Education: Graduate of Rainer Beach High School, BA in Political Science from Western Washington University, Masters of Public Administration from Seattle University.

Community Service: She has volunteered with numerous nonprofits, including Campfire, United Way, Everett Libraries, National Grantmakers Forum, TIPS, and The Salvation Army.

Statement: The influence of special interests on politics has resulted in a system that does not work for us, it works for special interests. Karen Porterfield has pledged not to take money from special interests so she can focus on doing what is right for the people that elect her. Karen wants to give the voters a true choice between herself and the incumbent who has taken over $4.3 million in special interest contributions and has supported oil companies, financial institutions and Wall Street. Karen is our best hope to get America back to work, begin reform of Wall Street, build a world class educational system and invest in a sustainable transportation infrastructure.

She has a history of community service and understands first-hand the needs of our communities. Karen has worked for the Salvation Army, helped develop affordable housing, managed programs in rural communities and raised over $300 million to help nonprofits serve our communities. At Seattle University she teaches our future leaders in the Masters of Public Administration program. Karen believes that the best way to ensure our country’s greatness is to give back to our community.

We need to restore faith in our government. Porterfield’s goals are to begin work to transform our government and economy by changing the inequality of our tax structure. She opposes Republicans move to dismantle or privatize social security and Medicare.

In 2010, the Seattle Times editorialized that the incumbent was “woefully unprepared on issues ranging from wars to the economy.” In the same year, the incumbent stated that the only reason he voted for environmental bills was because he needed the support of environmental groups to get reelected.

Please vote for Karen Porterfield for Congress. She will work to start to restore America and our political process and will represent You.

(425) 961-0710