2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Terry Harder

Elected Experience: 2 terms Republican PCO

Other Professional Experience: Business Consultant, Small Business Specialist, Account Manager, Computer Technician and Business owner

Education: Associates Degree in Electronics, A+ Certified Technician, many company electronics schools, Tom Hopkins personal Sales training, Tom Friese Sales Training, Zan Totsu Ryu School of Aikido (Black Belt)

Community Service: 2003 to present -Operation Support Our Troops, 2009 to present --Washington Sate Army Advisory Board (Northwest Chair)

Statement: I have been a resident of Pierce County for 50 years the father of 3 Children and 8 grandchildren.

Small business is the key to creating jobs in Washington. Making it easier for small business to hurdle the mountain of bureaucratic red tape and regulations while reducing their tax burden will create the Jobs that the people of Washington need in these tough economic times so I am committed to a job friendly business environment and to limited government. Jobs, tax reform, improving education, Public Safety, Veteran's issues, and lowering the costs of health care will be my top priorities.

(253) 279-8513