2012 General Election Voters' Guide
State Executive

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James Watkins

Elected Experience: This is a job for a professional, not a politician. I work professionally to make organizations faster, more efficient, and more effective.

Other Professional Experience: In the 23 years since earning my MBA, I've done 150+ performance audits. I've been a successful executive and principle consultant in large professional services firms and run business units for Fortune 50 firms. I've worked with major federal agencies; non-profits; and innovative private sector businesses, large and small.

Education: BBA, MBA, George Washington University.

Community Service: Elected to leadership in Church, youth organizations, etc. Citizen activist focusing on good/open government issues. Active charity fundraiser. Married 27 years; two children.

Statement: State auditor is a job for an independent professional, not a politician. That’s why retiring state auditor Brian Sonntag says “...[Watkins] is particularly well qualified based on his experience and background to advance the State Auditor’s Office and be an independent advocate for taxpayers.”

I have the judgment and real world experience to make sure we get a dollar’s value from every dollar we pay in taxes. Since earning my MBA, I’ve worked successfully for 23 years to make organizations faster, more effective, and more efficient – and we need more of that in Olympia.

My opponent is a professional politician who voted repeatedly to weaken the auditor’s office, massively increase state spending, and hike taxes. Now, he’s asking you to trust him to audit and evaluate the very same government programs he voted to create! That’s like asking a fox to watch the henhouse.

We need government we can trust. Citizens won’t allow the legislature to raise taxes: efficiency and cost savings are the only way to fund our shared priorities while rebuilding voter trust. As your state auditor, I pledge to drive efficiency and effectiveness; to limit fraud, waste, and abuse; and defend and expand open, transparent government.

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